Fathers, Please Remember to Affirm Your Daughters!

Young adulthood is weird.

I have a theory that for most of us, young adulthood is that stage of our lives where we realize that our childhood has to some degree fucked up our brains, and we try to un-fuck them to discover who we really are.

I’ve been married for almost one year now, and before that, I lived at home my entire life. While I always thought I would have lived on my own before getting married, I could not say that I feel like I missed out. Instead of living on my own, I worked hard and saved up $12,000 for my future life.

I dreamed about that future all the time! Not one fiber of my being was happy while I lived with my parents- especially with all of the negativity and pressure they constantly placed on me.

There’s one issue in particular that I want to talk about today.

The issue? Trying to please the man in my life.

Just this morning, my husband shot me a text, reminding me to not work too hard and make a little time for myself at some point. That message, as I’ve been learning, is one I apparently need to hear quite often. The ironic part is that before I was married, I would have considered myself kind of a slacker in comparison!

When I was a child, I was always struggling to spend my day in a productive way, so that my father wouldn’t be disappointed in me when he got home from work. It took me a while to realize that this childhood struggle very quickly transitioned into me working myself way too hard as a homemaker, trying to “match” the level of work my husband was doing that day.

Except there’s a major difference between then and now.

My father was never pleased with me, but my husband loves and appreciates everything I do!

So I’ve been learning (slowly) to take the pressure off of myself.

Does this resonate with you at all? Is there anything in your own brain that you’ve been trying to “un-fuck”? I want to hear your thoughts on this and have a conversation!

Either leave your comment below, or, for a more private conversation, you can email me at: gardenofampelos@gmail.com

Have a blessed day!

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