What Ever Happened to Curiosity?

I’ve noticed more and more these days that many people seem to lack a deeper sense of curiosity.

We have these incredibly powerful devices in our pockets at all times, and we can ask Google just about any question we could possibly come up with.

But do we?

Curiosity is a very useful trait that has advanced us through the ages. Without curiosity, there would be no science, no questions, no conclusions, no whimsy. If curiosity were to suddenly disappear as a trait among us, what would happen to us as a society?

We would surely stop moving forward entirely. We would become stagnant.

But the power of knowledge is more accessible than ever before! I desperately wish people would stop assuming that this luxury will be so easily accessible forever. I’m not saying I know the expiration date of the internet, or that I’m a doomsday fanatic; but personally, I would rather take advantage of the internet with the mindset that it could disappear later in my lifetime.

Let’s face it: the University as we know it is dying.

You don’t need college to learn a skill anymore; we have the world’s most vast library right at our fingertips. You don’t even have to get out of your chair and go to an actual library!

Before anyone comments, yes, I obviously think a brain surgeon should have proper hands-on training by a professional. I’m talking about the rest of us that want to learn normal life skills to better our own lives.

In the past, I wasn’t such a curious person. However, I definitely would have claimed that I was, in fact, curious. I did, after all, have plenty of questions about the world, and I loved to ask them.

It wasn’t until I was dating my husband that I had the thought that I needed to become more curious. This happened right after it occurred to me that I had the wrong idea of what curiosity was in the first place.

We would always lay in parks, staring at the sky, talking and getting to know each other. I would ask some random question about the world, and he would actually pull out his phone and track down the answer (or, at least, some info that helped us get closer to an answer).

It sounds so funny to say this, but the fact that he actually did this surprised me!

And that was when I realized… Had I been asking these questions for the sake of finding the answer, or just for the sake of wondering out loud, chasing my own tail?

Asking a question alone is not what curiosity is. Why have a question at all, if you aren’t willing to go and seek the answer? And how pitifully sad is it to have the answer right in your pocket, but never feel the urge to discover it?

Who I was before must have secretly been not curious at all, if the question was where it ended.

Since then, I have become an advocate for curiosity. I love that any person can learn absolutely any skill they want, with curiosity as the motivation that pulls them forward.

Besides, having a curious mind is so much more satisfying than going, “well, I guess we’ll never know!” or, “I heard once that this is the answer, so I’m going to blindly believe it and regurgitate questionably true information!”

I want to see this world become more curious again. Without it, we are simply destined to be dumb and misinformed.

What are your thoughts about this article? Would you consider yourself satisfied with how curious you are? I want to share the conversation with you and respond!

Either comment below, or, if you would like a more private conversation, you can email me at: gardenofampelos@gmail.com

Learn something new today, and God bless!

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