Six Reasons Why I’ve Grown to Despise The Education System

I want to begin this article by stressing that I do not, in any way, judge others for how they choose to educate their own children.

I was raised in the public school system. My childhood consisted of hating homework, sitting still for hours at a time every Monday through Friday, getting punished for having the energy of a child, and learning some things that were true. However, most of what I learned there hasn’t benefited me in the least as an adult. To top it off, I’m now coming to learn that a lot of what they taught me in school wasn’t even true at all.

The assumption I had as a child was that I would eventually grow up and change my mind. I must be able to grow to understand the necessity of it all- the lack of freedom until summertime, the homework, the tests, the grades. After all, that seemed to be the sort of reaction my protests would receive from any adults. “When you grow up, you’ll understand.”

But here’s the crazy part: I never did come to understand any of that!

In fact, the more I take my time to investigate it as an adult, I only hate the education system on an even deeper level.

Here are my six top reasons why (in no particular order)!

Children were simply not designed to sit still in a classroom all day.

For some reason, we have it ingrained in us that school can only operate in one way- and that’s with a bunch of chairs in a room, and a teacher up front.

While I do think a teacher is an obvious necessity, everything else is not!

A group of adults can manage to learn in a classroom fairly easily. However, children are not built this way. They are little scientists- they have a natural urge to go out and explore this big new world.

When we tell a child to stop doing this and sit still instead, we teach them what is, to them, right and wrong behavior. This can bring a child to feel misunderstood, which makes them want to one day blend in with all the grown ups to feel normal and accepted. Which, in turn, shuts up all inclinations of exploration, creativity, and learning. This, of course, is a gradual process as well as an observation of mine.

Another thing I want to quickly point out is the exponential rise of ADD/ADHD among children. I do think that both of these illnesses are real and exist in the world, but there is no way that all of these children that are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD have it!

I fully believe that the rise of medicated children is designed mostly to shut those kids up and keep them still. How convenient!

Kids in this way are being taught that their very nature is wrong, which is absolutely despicable.

Children are not all the same, but school teaches kids to be uniform and conform.

Not everyone is going down the same career path. And you know what? Most kids have no idea what they actually want to be when they grow up, and that’s okay.

But the education system loves to lay down the pressure instead of teaching that.

Every child is supposed to learn through the same methods, pass the same tests, and choose their career path by the time they turn 18. This is way too big of a life decision for a mere child who is still learning who they are!

Also, the only way to succeed as an adult is by going to college right out of the gate (I think this is an easy way to get thousands of dollars from a dumb pliable kid, don’t you?).

The education system is becoming more and more agenda-driven and misinformed.

To be completely honest, the things that go on in most schools today horrify me.

There is no room at all for anyone who thinks outside of the norm. Children and teens are all being pushed into being very liberal, very atheistic, and fueled by blind consumerism.

Schools, from what I’ve seen, will usually promote all worldly media in their culture. Yes, culture is cultivated in schools- or among any group of people!

I’m not angry because the schools just happen to be pushing for things that I don’t agree with. I am angry because the education system’s job is not to push any ideology on the youth of the nation. Even if it was my own ideology!

That’s called manipulation and brainwashing, and I’m morally opposed to that.

I see it as my personal duty to teach and raise my own children, completely.

I feel like we’re so used to the way the school system is, that we forget to think about how it wasn’t always this way.

Only fairly recently in our history have schools become a public institution organized by the government. Before this, it was more often than not up to the parents to raise a smart and decent kid themselves. Plenty of innovators sprung up throughout history, and many cultures that educated themselves were made up of pretty well-read and intelligent people.

Personally, I refuse to allow the school system to usurp my responsibilities as a mother. I am not a mother yet, but when I become one someday, I plan to give my children the best education I can give them. With the internet, books, people I trust, and other resources to aid me where I have gaps in knowledge, I can do so without worry!

I don’t want my child to despise learning.

Like I mentioned earlier in this article, classrooms are kind of set up to suck the fun out of learning for a child.

I feel like only recently, as an adult, have I discovered that learning is actually quite fun! But it was a mess having to undo the damage that my schooling had already done to me through my youth.

If I can raise my future children to love learning from the start, I would consider my job on this earth to be a job well done.

The education system is churning out way more dumb people than smart people.

I’m sure you’ve noticed this trend. The education system itself is well aware of what a bad job it is doing, and they really don’t even try to hide it.

Enough said.

What are your thoughts on the education system? Do you agree or disagree, and why?

Either leave your thoughts in the comments below, or, if you prefer a more private conversation, you can email me at:

Have a wonderful and mindful day!

One thought on “Six Reasons Why I’ve Grown to Despise The Education System

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  1. Yes! To all of this. I especially like your points about taking personal responsibility for our children’s learning, and how the system is not designed to teach the individual, but rather acts under the assumption that children are the all same and/or should be when they clearly aren’t.

    I’m glad I came across your page. I love your writing style and the topics you address, and I look forward to reading more from you!

    Liked by 1 person

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