Becoming My Own Apothecary

Okay, if there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I’m enamored by nature. I need flowers and greenery all around me, and I love it!

I used to only appreciate nature aesthetically, probably to the same extent most other people do. But after I had my last vision, that appreciation blossomed into something much greater. Suddenly, I started to experience this feeling of a deeper interconnected-ness to everything.

The greenery around me felt so much more alive than ever before. It was almost as if my very beholding of nature is what caused nature to more openly reveal itself to me. It was almost like a relationship of some sort had formed!

A strange new vine also started to grow around our entire house- a vine littered with white bell flowers that hadn’t existed here before! If you read my post explaining the meaning behind Ampelos, this happening might strike you as somewhat interesting.

Then it occurred to me: Every thing in nature is divinely designed!

You have a purpose, I have a purpose. Cats have a purpose. Ants have a purpose. Trees have a purpose. Every living plant has a purpose.

God designed every plant and its unique properties for our own benefit and enjoyment. When I decided to take up gardening shortly after I had my vision, this simple truth was revealed to me time and time again. It was as if God was trying to tell me, “No, this is not some sort of hokey hippie nonsense!”

I even began the practice of praying over my garden, and speaking positively to the plants as they grew. I know that probably sounds nuts! But, to my own amazement, my garden started to grow way faster than before only days after I began this practice! So I always make sure to be mindful while I garden.

My goal is now to become my own apothecary. How amazing it would be if I never purchased another bottle of ibuprofen again! These pills and medicines we’re so used to taking are so much worse for our bodies than the natural remedies God himself sprouted up from the earth for us.

Did you know that a recent study conducted by the University of Washington has discovered correlations between Benadryl and dementia? Yikes.

I know that some man-made medicines do become a necessity for some people, and I do not judge those people. But since I’m not one of those people, I want to try and keep it that way.

Would you ever think that the big companies that manufacture these medicines actually care about you? I would hope that your answer is a resounding, “hell no!”.

But God takes personal interest in each and every one of us. He cares, and wants us to be in good health!

So I don’t know about you, but personally, I would trust God’s medicine before ever trusting big pharma. Of course big pharma is going to tell you natural medicine is weak and ineffective, it’s their own competition!

What do you think about natural medicine? I would love to hear your thoughts and have a conversation with you!

Either leave your comment below, or email me at:

Have a lovely, blessed day!

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