Vision Report August 6, 2019

Before I get going on this post, I have a note for those who subscribe to my blog.

I will never, ever apologize for writing spiritual or mystical content; however, I do promise that soon I will be writing more content that isn’t solely focused on spirituality. So I hope I don’t weird you out or scare you away by writing this today!

On Tuesday night (August 6, 2019), I was lying in bed when I unexpectedly received a vision.

This is the first time I have ever experienced a vision of this variety. Visions I have received in the past came to me only after preparation and meditation- I expected those ones. So this one took me by surprise!

Without further ado, the vision:

I closed my eyes to go to sleep. Behind the lids of my eyes, I could suddenly see an image! There were beautiful blue shapes and fractals that expanded and transformed into a magnificent hallway.

This hallway was beautiful, and I sensed a sacred presence there. All of the hallway’s surfaces were the same indigo blue stone material. On both sides, there were very detailed stained glass windows that were evenly spaced. They depicted scenes I didn’t have any time to look at- for I had begun flying down the hallway, headfirst. The hallway twisted and stretched in a downward spiral. I felt glee and peace as my body was hurtled down the hall, but the closer I came to the end, I knew things were about to change. I wasn’t worried, though.

The end of the hallway came to meet me, and I was spat out like a child completing their journey down a slide. The hallway was suspended in nothingness, and now that’s where I was. Blackness surrounded me.

Down by my feet, dark, inky trees began to grow up all around me in a matter of seconds. I remember hearing music playing, but all I can relay about it was that it was creepy and unearthly. I knew that this forest I was in was of muck and mire. I kept turning to see my way out, but I was only met with more, endless forestry. The leaves were dripping dark goop everywhere, as if the trees themselves were resisting melting back into the nothingness.

I remember then there was a brief sequence of sights, and my atmosphere changed a few times. It happened so fast that I hardly remember what it looked like.

Then, the thought of meeting my angel came into my mind, as my awareness shifted away from my body and sight and to the deeper senses.

A brief backstory: Only recently have I become open to the idea of having a “guardian angel” or something to that effect. My mind was changed in late May, the day I did my first ever prayer meditation. I read aloud Psalm 91 verse by verse, praying, breathing and meditating as I went along. When I went to bed that night, I was introduced to an angel (this was while I was still awake and wide-eyed). It lingered over a doorway I could see, and it resembled a ball of light. It wasn’t anything like any light I’ve ever seen before- it kept on moving about freely and changing shapes in ways that are physically impossible. Skeptical, I thought I must be going crazy, but God assured me that it was, indeed, an angel.

Without hesitation, I said yes to the idea- I wanted to see this angel in its true form. Last time, I had known that the form of light it resembled was not its completed form, and this was for my own good at the time.

After all, every time an angel shows up throughout the Bible, what does the angel say? “Do not be afraid!”


My eyes flashed wide open and I gasped. What I heard was something big had landed on the roof above me- and I was afraid!

‘No, no, no,’ I thought, ‘I didn’t mean in person! I’m not ready for that!’

I shut my eyes tightly. Moments passed, and then I knew.

The angel was standing right by my bedside, and I could physically sense it with undeniable certainty. It felt huge! Like a redwood tree had suddenly appeared next to me. But I kept my eyes closed, because I was afraid.

I began to apologize, because I didn’t want to offend the angel. I wasn’t afraid of the angel at all, but of its appearance. I thanked the angel and promised I would look some other time.

Then, I felt the angel put his hand on my forehead. This was fucking crazy, because I felt it physically! I knew the angel spoke something in this moment, but I didn’t hear it, or couldn’t decipher it. The hand suddenly pushed down onto my forehead, and I jolted up, as if from a bad dream, but I had never gone to sleep!

Amazed, I started telling my husband, who was laying next to me, everything I just saw. He was pretty bewildered that something like this would happen so unexpectedly. I rambled and rambled, trying to remember and explain every last detail, but what I didn’t realize was that I was beating around the bush. I was supposed to get to the point and tell him about the angel.

My rambling was choked off as a gasp replaced it. The feeling that came over me in that moment had me completely awe-struck. My hands felt full of a vibrating energy that made me uneasy, my mouth hung open as I stared at the space next to my bed. I knew, with every fiber of my being, that the angel was still standing there (though, it disappeared due to my stubbornness), and he was urging me to get to the point. Tears streamed down my face the feeling was so intense!

So I did. Thinking it was over, we said goodnight once again, and I closed my eyes.

But wait, there’s more!

Behind the lids of my eyes, I could now see a geometrically perfect owl. He had his wings extended in front of him, as if he was carrying something in each wing like a person. His feathers were lovely and full of color. Then, his wings shattered and transformed into two elephants that were facing each other. The whole scene started moving and walking to the right. The elephants appeared to be liquid-y, rolling over the ground instead of using their legs.

I know I saw something else after that, but I don’t remember it at this time.

I really want to figure out what this vision could mean. If you have any thoughts, observations, inklings, or questions, please let me know!

Either comment below, or email me at:

See you on Sunday!

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      1. I apologize if I’m coming off as aggressive, I just felt like you might be asking me the question in an interrogative way (which I could be perceiving you wrong). That made me curious as to what exactly your assumption about me was, if that was the case.

        However, by meditation, I mean the practice of achieving inner silence (not to be confused with thoughtlessness). By spirituality, I mean the general term of believing that there is more than just these dimensions that we experience.

        God bless!


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