My Garden Plans

I thought I should write a different kind of post today, and let you know what I’m up to. My literal Garden of Ampelos will soon be born!

I am SO excited to dive head-first into the world of gardening. I just had to share this excitement with you!

While I have been gardening out on my balcony this year, I’ll really be able to expand and learn once I have a greenhouse built. This will remove a lot of limitations I currently have to face with outdoor gardening. Also, the mere thought of losing my entire garden once winter arrives definitely motivates me to get this project done!

Let me tell you, our balcony has been screaming for some TLC (and a makeover). We aren’t the first people to live in this house, however, so these things are to be expected.

Since I want to build a greenhouse that will live directly on our balcony, I decided it would be best to give the balcony a makeover before I start building. This alone has served as a great motivator!

Right now, I’m about 75% through with re-painting the balcony walls, which is step 1. They used to be a hideous outdated orange, and I’m painting them blueish-gray- which is helping the place to look less like a grandma’s house. Goodness, was that orange awful!

Next, I need to paint over the balcony flooring. Its current state is pretty weathered and old.

Once I get that all done, I can start building! My plans are to build a greenhouse that is fairly small, probably about 100 square feet or so, possibly smaller. Old windows and wood will be my materials of choice. If you happen to have any expertise in greenhouse building, or know of any good blueprints I might want to see, please let me know!

Oh, I also wanted to mention that just the other day, I ordered a lot of seeds on Etsy. You might be underestimating just how excited I am to learn and grow so many new varieties of plants, herbs, and flowers! As a budding apothecary and herbalist, I know I’m about to learn and grow (both myself and plants) a lot!

I want to share this journey with you as I expand my knowledge of God’s Divine creation.

If you have any curiosities or questions about anything related to this stuff, let me know! If you’re on a similar journey in your own life, I would love to get in touch with you as well!

Either send me a message in the comments below, or email me at:

Live mindfully today.

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