8/22/19 Miracle Report

I know the word “miracle” can sound like a bit much, but if your eyes are opened, you will know that miracles happen all around us, all the time.

Normally I wouldn’t be posting something on a Thursday, but last night God answered my prayer, and so I feel the need to share it with you.

Yesterday, I planted some seedlings out in my container garden. Now I know to check the forecast before I do this next time…

The sound of gusts and rain woke me up in the middle of the night, and I got worried. So, I prayed for God to protect those poor plants out there, so the fruits of my labor wouldn’t be destroyed. I didn’t have anything to quickly run out and cover the garden with, so all I could do was pray. I tried to accept the idea of all those seedlings being flooded and drowned, the sight of containers strewn about the balcony in the morning.

Guess what? God completely answered my prayer! Not one plant or seedling was damaged or killed. In fact, my baby seedlings are looking surprisingly tall and strong!

Even being the spiritual person I am, I still encountered a moment of doubt. But it’s pretty easy to combat it when the evidence is plainly in front of you. Nice try, voice of the enemy. Praise God!

I hope this story adds some brightness to your day!

If you’ve had any miracles happen in your life- big or small, lately or awhile ago- I would love to hear your stories!

Either comment below, or write me at: gardenofampelos@gmail.com

PS: If you are a person that practices prayer, I would appreciate if you would pray for me. If you have anything you need prayer for, I would love to include you in my prayers.

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