8/22/19 Miracle Report

I know the word "miracle" can sound like a bit much, but if your eyes are opened, you will know that miracles happen all around us, all the time. Normally I wouldn't be posting something on a Thursday, but last night God answered my prayer, and so I feel the need to share it with... Continue Reading →

My Garden Plans

I thought I should write a different kind of post today, and let you know what I'm up to. My literal Garden of Ampelos will soon be born! I am SO excited to dive head-first into the world of gardening. I just had to share this excitement with you! While I have been gardening out... Continue Reading →

You Are Never Still

Before my eyes were opened, I used to often wonder about the strength of my faith, and what it meant. In Francis Chan's 'Crazy Love', he mentions what he calls spiritual amnesia. I remember exactly when I read this passage- I was 19, sitting up in the bleachers on a rainy day, next to my... Continue Reading →

Vision Report August 6, 2019

Before I get going on this post, I have a note for those who subscribe to my blog. I will never, ever apologize for writing spiritual or mystical content; however, I do promise that soon I will be writing more content that isn't solely focused on spirituality. So I hope I don't weird you out... Continue Reading →

Becoming My Own Apothecary

Okay, if there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I'm enamored by nature. I need flowers and greenery all around me, and I love it! I used to only appreciate nature aesthetically, probably to the same extent most other people do. But after I had my last vision, that appreciation blossomed into... Continue Reading →


Hey! I'm glad you somehow stumbled upon this little site. I do not share my presence on any social media or advertisement platform, so I hope that you'll pull up a chair and stay awhile. Maybe we could be friends (I actually mean it)! I've created this website to have real conversations with real people.... Continue Reading →

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