8/22/19 Miracle Report

I know the word "miracle" can sound like a bit much, but if your eyes are opened, you will know that miracles happen all around us, all the time. Normally I wouldn't be posting something on a Thursday, but last night God answered my prayer, and so I feel the need to share it with... Continue Reading →

Who Do You Serve?

A lot of life's most important questions are also the most simple and basic. Because this is so, our prideful egos tend to dissuade us from approaching questions so "elementary", so simple. We would like to think of ourselves as above that! When in reality, simple does not mean easy. So due to all of... Continue Reading →

You Are Never Still

Before my eyes were opened, I used to often wonder about the strength of my faith, and what it meant. In Francis Chan's 'Crazy Love', he mentions what he calls spiritual amnesia. I remember exactly when I read this passage- I was 19, sitting up in the bleachers on a rainy day, next to my... Continue Reading →

Vision Report August 6, 2019

Before I get going on this post, I have a note for those who subscribe to my blog. I will never, ever apologize for writing spiritual or mystical content; however, I do promise that soon I will be writing more content that isn't solely focused on spirituality. So I hope I don't weird you out... Continue Reading →

Femininity vs. Vanity

If I'm completely honest with you, I'm a hell of a lot more "girly" than I used to be. Ever since I got married almost a year ago, my femininity has grown and grown. I never thought that this would be one of the ways that marriage would change me! I expected changes, but not... Continue Reading →

Becoming My Own Apothecary

Okay, if there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I'm enamored by nature. I need flowers and greenery all around me, and I love it! I used to only appreciate nature aesthetically, probably to the same extent most other people do. But after I had my last vision, that appreciation blossomed into... Continue Reading →

What Ever Happened to Curiosity?

I've noticed more and more these days that many people seem to lack a deeper sense of curiosity. We have these incredibly powerful devices in our pockets at all times, and we can ask Google just about any question we could possibly come up with. But do we? Curiosity is a very useful trait that... Continue Reading →

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